Acustica Audio Celestial Plugin is FREE until February 14th

Dec 25, 2019 by neverdefinedby - 0 Comments

Acustica Audio Celestial is a brand new mixing and mastering plugin that is based on an analog coloration unit from the UK.  This plugin is designed to add tonal character, weight, and space to your mix bus or stereo stems.  Acustica Audio has said that this product is so good that they considered offering it as a commercial product from the beginning, but you can download it right now for FREE!

The Acustica Audio Celestial comes as a suite that consist of two plugins: Celestial Mix and Celestial Master Bus.  The Celestial Mix is a texture mix processor that is used for mixing stems or group buses, while the Celestial Master Bus is a psychoacoustic bus processor that is used on the master bus.

The Celestial suite features:

  • Two Plugins: Celestial Mix and Celestial Master Bus
  • Input Trim Knob
  • Drive Section for Adding Harmonic Texture
  • Low and High Shelf EQ
  • Low and High Pass Filters
  • Compressor with Sidechain Filtering
  • Stereo Widening
  • L/R Panning
  • Output Gain Knob

I tested out this plugin out a little bit and I really like the drive section.  I have been using the harmonics and texture knobs to add a little bit of warmth and color or a little bit of punch and thickness.

Celestial is another free plugin in a series of free plugins that have come out this holiday season.  In case you missed them here are the others:

Acustica Audio Celestial is only free until February 14th, 2020 so make sure you grab this plugin before then!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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